Tracking is a great activity for those who love to be outdoors, love to watch dogs use their most notable ability, and enjoy the camaraderie of an invigorating, challenging sport. She has earned-15 Tracking Dog (TD) -6 Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) -1 TDU (Tracking Dog Urban) . It’s easy to see that tracking is one of her favorite activities. She is a retired AKC tracking judge, and is currently preparing two dogs (a Belgian Tervuren and a Belgian Malinois) for her first try at Variable Surface Tracking (VST) titles.
In addition, Carilee has done just about everything else: -15 Companion Dog (CD) -8 Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) -4 Utility Dog (UD) -1 Agility Champion (AGCH) -6 Conformation Champion (Ch) She combines this with 8 years of experience racing sled dogs, along with accomplishments in flyball, canine musical freestyle, FASTCAT, barn hunt, dock diving, and even the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America’s Messenger Dog titles. She has written the quarterly column on the Belgian Malinois in the AKC Gazette for the last ten years, and wrote the Belgian Sheepdog column for four years prior to that, hoping to share observations about the Belgians breed that are relevant to everyone. It’s fair to say she has tried her hand at most things.