Grand Traverse Kennel Club


Membership Information

Membership in the Grand Traverse Kennel Club is open to all persons eighteen years of age and older who adhere to the purpose of the club. Our members subscribe to a Code of Ethics and in the interest of good sportsmanship and be in good standing with the American Kennel Club. 

If you are interested in becoming an active, working member of the Grand Traverse  Kennel Club a membership application and sponsorship questionnaires must be completed.

The applicant must attend two meetings and have two sponsors’.

The primary goal of the Grand Traverse  Kennel Club is to serve the needs of the purebred dog owning community in the greater Grand Traverse area of Michigan. While many of our activities are geared toward breeders of purebred dogs, as well as those who participate in American Kennel Club dog shows, the GTKC also endeavors to provide information and services to the general purebred dog owning public. 

To Join Grand Traverse Kennel Club

To join, please complete the following:

    • Two current members must sponsor you and complete the Sponsor Questionnaire
    • Fill out the Membership Application Form
    • Attend 2 of our monthly meetings
    • Pay dues of $20.00 for each individual 
To What Drives Us

Our Mission

The Grand Traverse Kennel Club, established in 1963, is an All-Breed club and a member of the American Kennel Club.  It is  committed to serving the needs of all dog owners by helping them develop positive and rewarding partnerships with their dogs.  The clubs goal is to protect and further the interest of purebred conformation dog shows, obedience trials, rally trials, Agility trials, all performance activities.  It encourages sportsmanlike competition at such events.  The Grand Traverse Kennel Club is able to provide resources and information to the general public on the care and training needs of their dogs. The club also helps young people to be active in the community by supporting their independence, respect, confidence and responsibility through dog-related events. Our members are dedicated to dogs and are knowledgeable in training dogs to be companions, canine good citizens and successful participants in American Kennel Club events.

GTKC Code of Ethics

The purpose of the Grand Traverse Kennel Club is to protect, preserve, and promote pure-bred dogs.

Club members shall be familiar with the AKC rules and abide by these rules.

The Club member shall breed dogs as exemplified for their breed by their official breed standard.

The Club members shall only use for breeding AKC (or foreign) registered adults of stable temperament, physically and mentally sound and devoid of obvious physical and known genetic defects. The member who places a puppy shall make themselves available to the person(s) with whom the puppy is placed and shall act in an advisory capacity and provide a health guarantee.

Members shall not sell or donate dogs or puppies to commercial dog wholesalers or retailers, or unethical breeders, nor to any buyer where there is reason to believe that the puppy or dog will not be properly cared for. Further, the breeder shall not buy or sell in litter lots.

Members selling dogs must screen potential buyers to ensure the dogs are being placed in good homes.

No member shall engage in false or misleading advertising.

Club members shall not use unfair business practices and/or tactics toward the general public.

Club members shall conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner in the show ring and on the show environs. Club members shall be helpful and supportive of one another.